Some students who attend or have completed the Màster en Literatura en l'Era Digital UB/Grup 62 think about the experience.

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The last conference International Congress of the Spanish Society teaching of language and literature by Dr. Laura Borràs, director of Hermeneia.

Access to video from the conference:

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Oreto Domenech Hermeneia member participates in the volume"How to succeed with ICT in promoting reading "published by Andana Editorial. Friday November 21 will be presented at the Centre for Contemporary Culture October, Valencia. This is a compilation of experiences of good reading practices with ICT, a collaborative volume coordinated by Maite Monar Van Vliet. Authors: Maite Boscà, Margarita Castilian, Oreto Domenech, Gemma Lluch, Alicia Martin, Ignacio Moral, Teresa Sáez and Antonio de la Torre.


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Dr. Anna Tort, HERMENEIA member, graduated last November 20 with the thesis "text notes Hilando a hypertext reading the work of Chantal Maillard.". It's a brilliant thesis directed by Dr. Laura Borràs (UB) and tutored at UAB by Dr. Meri Torras a court luxury formed by professors of Catalan and French universities (Dr. Raffaele Pinto, Dra. Anna Aguilar-Amat and Dra. Nuria Rodrrígue Lazarus) and demonstrated the invaluable symposium held during the defense, who had read the thesis in depth and had enjoyed intellectually, felt he deserved the excellent cum laude unanimously.

Congratulations, Dra. Torcido!

Some pictures of the event

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From November 23 to December 7 Dr. Giovanna Di Rosario, associate director Hermeneia, is a visiting professor in the department of Art and Culture Studies,University of Jyväskylä, Finland, where he teaches a course on digital literature by students of the Master in Digital Culture.


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