1r Prize "Digital Poetry" CIUTAT DE VINARÒS

"Five Poems" of Jason Nelson

Uncontrollable semantics


Locomotive and Creatures

Another Emotion

In a unrelated sequence comes


Jason Nelson was born in Oklahoma (USA), where estudied “Cultural Geography” in the University of Oklahoma and “Poetry” in the Bowling Green State University, specializing in multimedia layouts. Since a few years he is working as a teacher in the “New Media Faculty” of the Griffith University of Queensland, Australia; where command an interdisciplinary program about artistic creation.

NeNelson grew up as poet in Oklahoma, but quickly he was attracted to the electronic bits, that goes too far away for staying tied up to the printed literature. His electronic projects includes the hypermedia literary reviews Hyperrhiz and Secret Technology. His works has published in reviews, printed and on-line, as Beehive (Brown University), Boomerang (Great Britain), Epímone (Catalonia), 3rdbed (New York), Nowculture, Blue Moon Review. He has exposed his work in galleries of
all the world.

Jason Nelson has won the 1st Prize “Ciutat de Vinaròs” in Digital Literature, in the modality of poetry, with a serie of poetics compositions "Five Poems", that use the software "Flash" as base of his artistic work. Nelson defines himself as a visual poet and as a digital artist, who looks for a new way to organizing an hypermedia poem, throught images but also throught voices and sounds. Sometimes, music has to help the reader to decide his itinerary of reading, the order in which he wants to read the poems. Nelson is a poet who sees limitations in the written word, and that try to incorporate sounds and visual elements to recreate readers experiences in all.


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