Prize "Digital Narrative" CIUTAT DE VINARÒS

"Deep Surface" - Stuart Moulthrop


NARRATIVE (2,500 €) to Stuart Moulthrop (EUA) with the work Deep Surface.



Stuart Moulthrop’s Deep Surface, the winner in the narrative category (with a prize of 2,500 €) is a work that plays with the metaphor of the immersion in reading and its risks. Ironically, this work starts by talking about a report by the American government, which alerts us to the risks of reading. Stuart Moulthrop has created a clever piece that he himself defines as “the monstrous progeny of a strange romance between a reading machine and a free-diving simulator. Literature at crush depth. Hypertext gets wet”.

Deep Surface is a suggestive literary work that begins with this simple image: “what if the pages of a book - or more accurately, the SO_CALLED PAGES OF THE WEB - were made from some pliable fluid, like water, so that we could dive gradually from one plane of presentation to the next?”

Deep surface is not only a literary work; it goes beyond the strictly literary. In effect, it is a structure and approach closer to a game, although we have to enter through a literary dimension to know how to play, how “to breathe” inside this textual immersion. This is a really interesting digital creation that helps us to think about the new modalities of reading, about the peculiarity of electronic textuality.

Stuart Moulthrop

Stuart Moulthrop is an innovator of electronic literature and hypertext fiction, both as a theoretician and as a writer. He is author of the hypertext fiction works Victory Garden (1992), Reagan Library (1999), and Hegirascope (1995), amongst many others. Moulthrop is currently Professor of Information Arts and Technologies at the University of Baltimore. He began experimenting with hypertext theory in the 1980s, and has since authored many articles as well as written many hypertext fiction works. He has had an article published in Wired magazine, his hypertext Victory Garden was featured on the front page of the New York Times Book Review from a review by Robert Coover, and Hegirascope won the Eastgate Systems HYSTRUCT Award. He served as co-editor for Postmodern Culture magazine and is currently listed as part of their editorial collective. Moulthrop was a director of the Electronic Literature Organization at the time of its founding from 2000-2003.



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