Prize "Digital Poetry" CIUTAT DE VINARÒS


"Under Language" - Stuart Moulthrop

"Universo Molécula" - Isaías Herrero Florensa


POETRY (2,500 €) ex-aequo to Stuart Moulthrop (EUA) with the work Under Language and to Isaías Herrero Florensa (Catalonia) with the work Universo Molécula.

Under Language - Stuart Moulthrop

Stuart Moulthrop’s Under language (this piece shares the Digital Poetry prize of 2,500 € ex-aequo with Universo molécula), is a poetic mixer, that is, a “machine” that is able to create poems. Not only making different combinations of ten-line poems, this generator also allows us to mix sounds, made by a non-human voice, completing the meaning of the poems. Through the double linguistic meaning and some strict rules of use integral to this work, Under language reflects on how we write nowadays: how writing blends with the code. Using the computer to create (and to read) digital literature also means knowing what there is “under language”, the language of computer programming, and this “other” language is inseparable from the work.

Universo Molécula - Isaías Herrero Florensa

Isaías Herrero’s Universo molécula (this piece shares the Digital Poetry prize of 2,500 € ex-aequo with Under language) is an excellent work that links the molecular structure of the matter (made by two or three atoms united by a force of electrical origin called link), with the working of the literary language (and, more specifically, poetic language). This molecular universe is inhabited by some different textual typologies (images, sounds and words), and we can go through different kinds of navigation, reader immersion and interaction. It is a rich and complex poetic system that, like molecules, uses different forms of representation to adjust to various complexities: from the most simple to three-dimensional models. Universo molécula is a work, written in Spanish, which gives us a glimpse of how digital literature and digital creation could be in the future.


Stuart Moulthrop

Stuart Moulthrop is an innovator of electronic literature and hypertext fiction, both as a theoretician and as a writer. He is author of the hypertext fiction works Victory Garden (1992), Reagan Library (1999), and Hegirascope (1995), amongst many others. Moulthrop is currently Professor of Information Arts and Technologies at the University of Baltimore. He began experimenting with hypertext theory in the 1980s, and has since authored many articles as well as written many hypertext fiction works. He has had an article published in Wired magazine, his hypertext Victory Garden was featured on the front page of the New York Times Book Review from a review by Robert Coover, and Hegirascope won the Eastgate Systems HYSTRUCT Award. He served as co-editor for Postmodern Culture magazine and is currently listed as part of their editorial collective. Moulthrop was a director of the Electronic Literature Organization at the time of its founding from 2000-2003.

Isaías Herrero Florensa

Isaías Herrero, freelance web designer, computer programmer and an expert on the great potential of the computer and internet, is the leading exponent of a new generation of writers and artists born in a digital medium. He is member of Eleven-Kosmos, a network of meta-artists. He was the winner of the 2nd Ciutat de Vinaròs International Prize for Digital Narrative with his work 21 días.

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